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Pictures of The Floating World (2015)


Pictures of the floating world captures the moments of atmosphere and light when the woods take on an almost magical spirit. Behind those moments is a tangle of chaos. Plant life is captured in every stage of growth from the final stages of deterioration to the initial stages of birth. I explore the same wooded area over and over with my camera, waiting for that alchemy that transforms the ordinary into the exquisite. I hold to the belief that beauty is around us every day; it is not necessary to travel to distant places to find something remarkable.


I photograph these images in public parks and well-worn hiking trails. I record the woods as I see them: dark, alluring, beckoning. The woods are a constant companion to me. I continue to photograph the same woods, near where I live. The perspective, from year to year and season to season, is never the same. I go to the woods because I am soothed by the woods. The trees, the light, the constant renewal of growth, the ineffable – capturing the mystery of the woods is my challenge. 

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