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Grounded (2020)


When Covid 19 emerged as a threat, my day to day existence was already limited to only a few activities outside the house, consisting of precious early morning walks through the forest with my camera and quick errands. The area we live in was hit particularly hard early on. As my husband is high risk, our home had to be on total lockdown. In a four-month period, I only left the house twice. Without the act of daily photographing the woods, I was at a loss.

For weeks after lockdown I stood in my backyard, which I had always dismissed. I stood looking straight towards the narrow band of trees separating my suburban lot of land from my neighbor’s. Then, one day I heard the birds, as if for the first time. I began to photograph them. This series of sky, bird and tree is one chapter in a long-term exploration about the loyalty of the heart and the absolute importance of nature in our lives.

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